claude bernierClaude Bernier was born in Anjou (France). After having followed five years of study at the fine arts of Angers (Maine et Loire), she introduced herself in various artistic works, such as cartoons and tapestry of art.

Since then, she has devoted herself entirely to drawing, watercolor and oil painting, at first in Gabon, where she was staying, then in Touraine and then in the pretty town of Tourrettes-sur-Loup near St-Paul-de- Vence, with a short time into Boston in the United States.
She then settled in Portugal, in the Algarve, where she benefited from particular colors and lights.
She opened a workshop-gallery there in the historic town of Silves.

Back in France, she continued to exhibit her artworks in her new workshop-gallery piquelune7 in Montigné-les-Rairies in Anjou until her death in December 2021.

Her art is an art of analysis and imagination. Sometimes, she seeks her inspiration among the masters of oriental art to immediately transpose them into her personal universe by allowing superb shapes in a magical setting.

Her drawings of great perfection, the realization of which seems classic, nevertheless let appear a very fine modernity with a touch of melancholy.

A great force of expression animates her artworks imprinted with warm and harmonious colors. Several tendencies animate at the same time her artistic creativity. She paints feelings and ideas and property, loud and clear, the right to diversity.

Some of her paintings are figurative, others quite symbolic and abstract. She takes us to magical places where birds lead us to the golden sun.

Her airy, slender characters, her slender hands carry us away in a whirlwind of melody.

The visitor will appreciate her talent and her sincerity. She identifies perfectly with this sentence by Tahar Ben Jelloun who says: “I don’t tell stories just to pass the time, these are stories that come to me, inhabit me and transform me”.

Claude Bernier’s stories are essential to understanding, at the very least, to grasping existence.

Everything is poetry and happiness in her work.